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Vidhya has conceptualized & choreographed multiple Varnams, Padams, Javalis, Tillanas, and has performed solo in venues all over the world.

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Lila Hava

Explores the love that flows through Radha and Krishna highlighting the surrender of ego required for an honest and meaningful relationship.


Vidhya’s ongoing journey in dance, the reciprocity between Sringara and Bhakti, that is generous and evolving.


The story of the universal woman reaching beyond boundaries.

Still I Rise.png
Still I Rise

Dance-theatre work that interprets the pivotal episodes in Draupadi's life seen from a first person perspective.

of identity.jpeg
Of Identity

A piece about Identity - searching for it, finding, losing, questioning, rejecting, and building it.


Navarasa - Her Choice.jpg
Navarasa - Her Choice

Showcasing 10 women from mythology, fiction and history, Navarsa takes a riveting look at some of the poignant moments in India’s culture.

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Natya & Narration

A presentation of short stories, personal essays and poems through narrative expression and dance.

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