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"If my roots are strong, my trunk of work is stronger. The branches that have their origin from that strength find ways to soar to the sky. They invite the world into their folds to nourish me and I in turn nourish them from the center. It’s cyclical."


Vidhya Subramanian is a sought-after teacher and mentor to students in Bharatanatyam, across the globe. Focusing on a process that emphasizes intention, surrender, and reiteration, she offers her years of experience and expertise in the arts. Encouraging students to question and define the thought behind every movement, moment, and expression, she simultaneously guides them to adhere to the integrity of the lyrics and music. Vidhya is committed to the practice of surrendering to the art in all ways, and she trains her students to have a growth mindset in this commitment. She believes the reiteration and the commitment to the process triumphs any other endeavor. Her students are continuously given feedback and personal insights to help their individual understanding of the process.  

Vidhya’s dedication to sharing the vast knowledge of the arts is evident throughout her career. In 1991 she founded the Lasya Dance Company in California, teaching about 150 students over 24 years. Her generosity and commitment during every class extends to students all over the world through dance intensives, workshops, lecture demonstrations, presentations, interviews, conferences, and more. In 2017, Vidhya founded Kala Vedika, a non-profit forum dedicated for the deeper understanding of the arts through its outreach and alliance wings. 


Currently, she teaches and mentors a few students from all over the world.

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